Weekly Yoga Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30am 90 minutes Mangala Yoga, Haiku

Island Flow is Yin-Yang class that has a slow steady pace. We'll take time to go deep into the yoga postures and discover the beauty of stillness ~ freeing you from your tensions and the reactive habits of your day to day lives. You will leave feeling calm, vibrant and grounded.


40-Day Mantra Circle


Since the days of the ancient yogīs, this mantra has been incanted daily by millions of souls. It is a prayer to the “light beyond the light” to illumine all the worlds. In this mantra, there is no deity, no force of nature which is called upon… the words are a poetic offering to the transcendent supreme light alone. Anyone, from any religion, can chant this mantra with a sincere heart!

On a personal level, it produces a powerfully clear, pure vibration which…
…gracefully sweeps away the debris that clouds your true Self.
…intensifies the inner voice.
…awakens intelligence, discrimination, and the capacity for deep insight.
…transforms the practitioner into a beacon of light for his/her community.

On a global level, it produces a radiance of peace which is said to…
…contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts on a subconscious level.
…strengthen the vibratory connection between the earthly and the heavenly realms.
…promote peace, harmony, abundance, and the welfare of all beings.

LIve Group On Maui COMING SOON!

Are you fed up? It’s time to make real change! With expert guidance, you'll strengthen your conscious connection to your inner Self and witness your true life potential blossom with ease and grace.

We will utilize the potent power of mantra as a love song to ourSelves. Calling upon our highest Self (in a way that it cannot refuse to show up!) to remove what stands in the way of our happiness and to heal the parts of us that keep us feeling stuck, uninspired and weighed down in old patterns and beliefs.

Over the course of 40 days we will dive deep into the Source of Sound to discover natural, spontaneous meditation. We’ll support each other through some of the common pitfalls of establishing a meditation practice, and have fun along the way! It takes 40 days to rewire, to form and establish a new habit; Together, we’ll inspire true transformation!

Your commitment:

  • 8 one-hour in person meetings (all will be recorded and shared if you can’t make the live meetings).

  • Mantra meditation daily for 40 days (20-30 min/day).

Note: There will be a closed Facebook group for support, questions and dialogue.


Private Session: group or individual

60 MINUTES $85 • 90 MINUTES $125 + travel fee

In a private setting you will receive customized support in those areas that need attention. Michele's expert eye will pinpoint what is holding you back and give you the experience and the tools to move through these blockages.

Kama'aina rates available.



wednesdays 12:30 - 3:30PM 1 year commitment 

Bring your practice of yoga to life with an in-depth immersion into the study and real world application of the ancient teachings of yoga. This is for students with a burning desire to expand their understanding of yoga on both an intellectual and experiential level.  


Becoming Yoga Day Immersion

Monday MID MONTH 8:30am - 2:30pm $45+class fee ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Raise your practice to the next level. Join Michele, E-RYT 500, each month as she guides you into a deeper understanding of how to apply classical yoga themes to our modern world. Each month a traditional yogic theme will be modernized to uncover the relevance of the teaching relevant to your own life on and off the mat. We will explore a new yogic theme each month through yoga philosophy discussion, meditation and mantra - in person and in a private Facebook group. The theme will continue to be explored in Michele's weekly 9:30am classes.

20hrs count towards the 300hr program at Mangala Yoga. 5-hour sessions will be offered each month. To receive the 20hr, one must commit to a total of four sessions.


Asana Lab


Yoga is not about doing the asanas (poses) - rather it’s about un-doing what’s in the way of the asanas. In Asana Lab we will break down the biomechanics and energetics of specific yoga postures in order to move through patterns that keep us stuck or stagnant in our yoga practice and which may lead to injury.

We will apply principles of skeletal alignment, muscular engagement, deeper subtle alignment and self-study to intelligently re-build each posture with increased skill, strength, and fluidity. Each month we will dive into the details of different types of poses including standing postures, balance postures, back bends, hip openers, inversions, arm balances, twists and forward bends. This workshop is perfect for those new to yoga looking to better understand the postures, for the seasoned practitioner to discover new space and freedom in their practice, and yoga teachers to refine their depth of knowledge.



Focus of the month:

trikonasana assist -back (1 of 1).jpg
badhakonasana assist -standing (1 of 1).jpg