Michele cooks and teaches yoga the same way she lives her life - dancing the balance between passionate action and surrender, always with a playful spirit and a heart of gratitude.
— Christina, Fort Collins CO

I took great care in taking time to eat Michele’s meals because I wanted to reciprocate the mindfulness that was so obviously put into the creation of each dish. It was completely inspiring to meet Michele. She has a constant soft glow and zen like energy which follow her from the yoga shala into the kitchen. I am looking forward to bringing more thought and intention into my own kitchen, and making sure that I have time to relax, enjoy and fully indulge in one of the oldest universal traditions: the art of food.
— Lauren, Costa Rica

Amazing!  It is clear that each creative dish is made with high quality ingredients and huge amounts of love and intention.  Michele is such a kind, wise and genuine person.  How fortunate to have someone cook for you that so openly supports you and connects with you as a person in and out of the kitchen.
— Jessie, San Francisco

Michele sees food in all its colors, shades, shapes and textures. She understands its many facets... nourishment, connection, medicine, culture and beauty... Her food will feed your hunger on many levels.
— Katie, Oahu

Michele creates an impeccable gourmet and environmentally conscious menu.
— VegOut Boutique