Farm Fresh & Organic

Each culinary experience is unique, inspired in taste and appearance by the diverse food landscapes and cultures of Maui. Chef Michele prepares each meal from scratch with intention, love and aloha. She will accommodate your dietary requests in creating an unforgettable meal that pleases your taste buds while supporting your wellbeing. She hand selects all ingredients for quality and utilizes organics as much as possible. Fruits, vegetables and proteins vary with the changing seasons, aligning the food we eat with our environment to encourage harmony within. 


Āyurveda means the science of life, the art of longevity or the knowledge of living. Āyurveda emphasizes prevention over cure. Āyurveda is a way of life, a way of learning how to cooperate with Nature and live in harmony with Her. Āyurveda addresses everything that makes life worth living!


Personal chef services, boutique & retreat catering, Āyurveda education

Taro Skewers: Pickled Beets, Roasted Fennel Mac Nut Pesto.JPG
Oat Buckwheat Pancakes
Michele Serving
Ahi Sashimi
Passionfruit Cheese Cake
Basil Scented Monchong
Lentil Pate Plate