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Upcoming Events


40 Day Mantra Circle
MaY 20 - July 1, 2018

We will dive deep into the Source of Sound to discover natural, spontaneous meditation. We’ll support each other through some of the common pitfalls of establishing a meditation practice, and have fun along the way! It takes 40 days to rewire, to form and establish a new habit; together, we’ll inspire true transformation!

Heart of Sound
August 29 - September 10, 2018

Sanskrit  - Mantra - Kirtan - Nada Yoga

Registrations are now open for Module 1 of the Heart of Sound sound-based yoga teacher training program on Kaua'i. 13-day immersion taught by Heart of Sound creator, Anandra George an internationally respected mantra teacher and sacred musician.

Re-Inspire A Life Well Lived
February 2019 

Five night all-inclusive retreat in lush and tropical Kipahulu, Maui. Re-inspire a life well lived through this rare opportunity to unplug from daily routines and to plug in to the space where you are just yourSelf without any effort. The scriptures call this space Ananada or bliss, I call this living in the EXTRAordinary. 


Yoga & Meditation

Michele’s classes are designed to encourage artful balance through creative sequencing, strength diversity and deep stretching. You will leave feeling clear and spacious, deeply nourished, and inspired.



Each culinary experience is unique, inspired in taste and appearance by the diverse food landscapes and cultures of Maui. We offer personal chef services, retreat & boutique catering, cooking classes and Ayurvedic education. 



 Retreats encourage you to step into a space where you can reconnect and refocus on what is most important. In revitalizing your body & mind you remember what is most essential and life affirming. You will be inspired to re-enter your daily life at a higher level and to advance your life's direction. With your energy settled, clear and expansive, you will re-discover life’s magic, meaning and intention.